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Who are we?

Professional Appointees was formed to help people who may lack the capacity to deal with everyday financial matters. Professional Appointees trusted financial experts can help navigate complicated funding channels to obtain vital support for those most in need.From simple account checking to total account management, Professional Appointees are here to make sure a client’s finances are in order, now and in the

With clients ranging from those with learning disabilities to individuals with cognitive problems, to people who suffer from mental health issues, our service users are some of the most vulnerable members of society, yet the current system in place for protecting their financial affairs does not reflect the help and support they need in many cases.

As a completely independent organisation, Professional Appointees offers an unbiased and trusted money management service that avoids any conflict of interest with local authorities and public funding issues. With a low-cost and clear fee structure, we provide a proactive and practical approach to money management, always working to empower the daily lives of those deemed to be most vulnerable and open to financial abuse.

Our services are completely tailored to a client’s needs, so whether it is just simple account checking with payment assistance, or full account management, Professional Appointees tailored service takes away the stress of dealing with daily financial decisions however big or small. Our experienced and committed team ensure that all financial matters are dealt with in an efficient and effective manner.

What are the benefits of Professional Appointee’s services?

Providing a friendly and unbiased service, Professional Appointees manage property and financial affairs for those who may struggle with personal money management. Whether this is due to a learning disability, a mental health issue or an illness, Professional Appointees has a wealth of experience working with vulnerable people to help safeguard their financial affairs and as a trusted financial management service, it is ensured that we always work with the client’s best interests at heart.

Why was Professional Appointees formed?

The management of finances for vulnerable people can be a time consuming and expensive process for family, care providers and local authorities. Some family members are unable to visit clients every day to assist with money matters, or if specific accounting technology is not in place to keep track of finances. This can become problematic and stressful for both the client and their respective carers.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in many local authorities outsourcing money management work for vulnerable people to private sector firms. These firms are offered a choice of representing clients based on ‘assessed costs’ or ‘fixed costs’ and most choose ‘assessed’ as this takes into account the size of a client’s estate. As this usually far exceeds ‘fixed costs’, it results in larger payments for the firms, and so they tend to only represent high net worth individuals with significant assets.

Those who do not have significant assets are usually recommended for public funding, however, these services are hugely under subsidised with most now winding down. This means there is a large group of vulnerable people currently not receiving vital money management assistance, and this is where Professional Appointees steps in to help and support them.

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