Our appointeeship service offers a flexible and empowering way for users to manage their daily financial affairs. As a partner with the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions), our appointees are given legal authority to oversee a client’s use of state benefits.

We offer our services to clients who lack the capacity to look after their own finances. Our team of friendly, trusted appointees work hand-in-hand with clients and their families/carers to assist with daily financial management. This can be anything from paying energy bills and rent, to organising food allowance payments. We deliver a friendly and tailored service that helps empower the day-to-day lives of our service users, and includes them in all decisions in order to act in their best interests.

What does the appointee service include?

  • A full and in-depth initial benefits assessment
  • A Professional Appointees bank account.
  • Support to identify and apply for further funding opportunities
  • A review of existing benefits to ensure all potential benefits are claimed.
  • Regular contact with appointees, providing a tailored service dependent on clients’ needs.
  • Collection and distribution of benefits
  • Personal and accessible contact with a team member
  • Comprehensive benefit management including the set-up of direct debits, standing orders, and payments for general invoices, holidays and personal purchases.
  • Personalised weekly budgets
  • Education, support, and training with regards to money management.


Professional Appointees offers a clear, low cost fee structure for all of the above services. For just £800 per year, Professional Appointees will take over all money management tasks, which includes receiving and distributing benefits to ensuring that bills are paid on time.

We will always work to empower the day-to-day lives of our service users. Professional Appointees act with integrity and fairness to ensure that any monetary decisions made for our clients are right, and in their best interests. Along with the added bonus of a personal bank account, service users can rest assured that they always have a point of contact and support regarding any financial matters, helping them to lead a more stress free life, knowing their welfare is in trusted hands.

Annual membership = £800


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